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We Encourage And Support All Native American Athletes


This website is designed to be used as a tool to encourage all Native American / American Indian basketball teams and players, as well as other Native American / American Indian Athletes here in the United States and Canada, to Upload Video clips of themselves on to our website for FREE. We want to provide them with the opportunity to display their physical talent and skills and a chance to get recognized and to gain North American exposure and the opportunity for Colleges, Universities, and the NCAA to be able to learn about our young promising Native American / American Indian athletes, whereas they might not otherwise be discovered. by colleges and universities from all over North America, as well as the National Collegiate Athletic Association ("NCAA").

We also would like to encourage our young Native American / American Indian photographers and journalists to to work with your high school coach by submitting a couple of paragraphs, photos and or video clips of your schools sports activities / games. This way you get some experience with writing, photography and video. At the same time giving your school and fellow school - mate recognition. When we post any sports columns, photos, or video clips we will give rightful recognition to the student / person, so that he / she may be able to use as a future reference. This will hopefully help out our young Native American / American Indian students persueing other career fields, other than Sports.

Now, for a bit of legal stuff. Any information / content displayed on this website is information that is sent to us by viewers, fans, athletes, people who like our site.

WE DO NOT, in any way promote or support any type of pornography, drugs, or alcohol or any other illegal activity.

Any information our website, www.NativeAmericanBasketball.com, may gather from our viewers, is only the information that is provide and gathered by Google's analytics. This website only uses the information to simply view what type of traffic visits our website. This website does not sell or give any information to a third (3rd) party for any reason.


We will Advertise for FREE, any Basketball / Sports Tournament, Event as long as they promote Native American / American Indian Athletes. To have a Basketball / Sports article and photos placed on our website, simply Email us at: info@nativeamericanbasketball.com or nativeamericanbasketball@yahoo.com, . or send it to us thru FACEBOOK or any videos that you wish to place on our website.

TO ADVERTISE YOUR COMPANY / BUSINESS WITH US, simply send Us an Email at: info@nativeamericanbasketball.com or nativeamericanbasketball@yahoo.com and let us know which package deal works best for you. And for those of you who wish to place Ads with us. We accept all payments using Paypal and their payment methods. We follow their policy on all transactions. Paypal's payment methods and policy you can find at www.paypal.com .


Our Advetisement Packages:

1. Silver Package: Two (2) Weeks

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2. Gold Package: One (1) Month

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3. Platinum Package: Three (3) Months

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Any other ads can be discussed by contacting us and letting us know what will work for you. This website uses Paypal for any and all transactions, and accepts only the method of payment that is offered with their service. No acceptions.

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